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It's a beautiful place, come and be part of it

Mt Penang Parklands offers people a number of reasons to visit. With its stunning vistas, abundant birdlife and incredible flora, it is a breath of fresh air for all. Over 90 hectares of this 152 hectare site is devoted to our environment, and members of the community revel in its natural beauty. 

Serving business and the community

The Parklands currently supports retail, commerce, education, entertainment, recreational pursuits, Aboriginal and European heritage and residential activities. It is home to Mt Penang Gardens and the Event Park hosts a number of major events.

Conveniently located

Mt Penang Parklands is conveniently located 1 hour north of Sydney and two minutes from the Gosford exit off the M1.

Key to the Corporation’s vision for the region

The magnificent 152 hectare Heritage Listed site known as Mt Penang Parklands is owned and operated by the Central Coast Regional Development Corporation, a self-funded NSW Government agency.